Blood Work: Check!

Note: Not actually my blood.

If you’re following along on my timeline, you’ll know that I had my pre-op blood work done yesterday. It was super fast and easy and not a whole lot to brag about. If you are here for the information I give out (like I give out sooo much information), these are the tests that I had done and what the cash pay option was for them:

CBC- $42

CMP- $35

PT- $25

PTT- $25

Lipid Profile- $55

UA- $20

The whole thing cost around $200, which I think is pretty standard. I went to a local clinic/lab and I’m pretty sure I was the first non-drug test they had all day. The lab tech wasn’t super sweet, but I tried to be patient, because I know they deal with crazies all day every day. While she wasn’t overly friendly, she was great at her job. She was in and out of my vein like a boss and collected like four vials of blood before I even know what stabbed me.

My time in the waiting room was longer than it took to take my blood.

They said if it all goes well they will be able to fax my results to Chattanooga Bariatrics by Wednesday. Cool. I think they are due on the 23rd, so no rush!

Honestly, this was the part of the whole thing I was not looking forward to. I’m a total weenie when it comes to needles, even after having two babies.

Oh well, that’s out of the way now. Only 13 days left until surgery!

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